Information about our Projects

We are interested in the Internet theoretically and practically. In theory we differ between a reproductive and a productive usage of the Internet.

From the reproductive aspect the Internet ist a highway of information in future, usefull and important for the exchance of information. From the productive aspect the basically dialogical structure of the Internet can be used to bring into existence aesthetic products consisting of text, graphics and sounds.

These aesthetic products however are to be realised under the conditions of the internet.

We are convinced that the artistic experimenting with the possibilities of the Internet will lead to a new aesthetic culture which will continue the aesthetic of film, radio and tv: oral culture > print culture > electronic culture > internet culture.

We have formulated the concept of an aesthetic theory at the end of our essay "Concepts and chances of an artistic dialogue and dialogical art".

We have tried out an aesthetic productive handling of the Internet by asking our colleagues in the field of art around the world to take part in the constructing of two projects in the Internet under the technical and also aesthetic conditions of the Internet: "Epitaph Gertrude Stein" and "H_H_H - Hommage à Helmut Heißenbüttel" with a final "epilogue". A singular experiment was the hypertext-version of the "Book Gertrude" [= Das Buch Gertrud].

Two more projects are being planned. 

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Reinhard Döhl / Johannes Auer